Margaret’s Accomplishments

Margaret McCraw has provided leadership training and keynotes for national and international organizations such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Quorum Health Resources, and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/Department of Commerce. Margaret McCraw’s four-step Harmonic Matching Process is a highly regarded solution to improve resilience and overall wellbeing, enhance staff retention, improve productivity, increase collaboration among teams and leaders, and ultimately improve the bottom line for organizations of all kinds.

As an Expert team member/Affiliate for the Center for Integrative Health and Wellness, she provides integrative solutions and training addressing a wide range of health concerns including stress relief, immune system support, strengthening relationships and increasing overall productivity.

Margaret McCraw is a well-received keynote speaker and, for over ten years, she has hosted her own international radio show, Business Life Works, produced by She also has been a regular guest on Fox 45 addressing relationship issues.

An inspiring speaker, she travels nationwide, strengthening individuals and teams by sharing her insights on resilience, wellbeing, accountability, and empowerment, performance improvement, staff engagement, manifesting one’s dreams, relationship building, and business development.

Her network of coaches (BHLD Coaching Bureau) is available to individuals and organizations to enhance well-being, strengthen cohesiveness, and improve collaboration and productivity among employees, leaders and board members.


Margaret McCraw,  MBA, LCSW-C, BCC, founder of Behavioral Health & Leadership Dynamics, LLC (BHLD) has more than 25 years of organizational consulting, coaching and training experience. She has written two books – Tune Into Love and The Relationship Code with a third one on the way. Her book The Relationship Code: Engage and Empower People with Purpose and Passion, published by Career Press, addresses the highly endorsed four-step Harmonic Matching Process.

Margaret McCraw has advanced degrees in business administration, social work, and transpersonal/whole person psychology with a concentration in organizational dynamics. In addition, she is a licensed psychotherapist and a Board Certified Coach with the following specialty designations:

  • Executive/Corporate/Business/Leadership Coach
  • Health and Wellness Coach
  • Career Coach
  • Personal/Life Coach

Her training programs and books strengthen personal accountability and organizational viability thereby enhancing performance and improving staff retention. In addition, the Harmonic Matching Process is used to prepare employees and managers for career advancement as a means of succession planning.


The Mandala of Divine Union

The Mandala of Divine Union, the BHLD trademark is a colorful representation of Margaret McCraw’s teachings, layered with meaning for our company. The six-pointed star represents a perfectly balanced life: the perfect union of all energies. It appears four times, each star nested within the larger, representing “worlds within worlds” and the four planes of consciousness (physical, emotional, intellectual and transpersonal). Two intersecting circles that share the same radius–called a vesica piscis–symbolizes common ground, shared vision, or mutual understanding between two individuals.

Each color also has a meaning, purple for freedom, enlightenment, and transformation; aqua for letting go of ego; green for growth, evolution, and expansion; deep pink for unconditional love; yellow for wisdom, illumination, and understanding. The rays of white light are pulsations from the points of light and represent well-being that occurs when we are balanced and live with harmony in our lives.

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