Tune Into Love

Attract Romance Through the Power of Vibrational Matching

Tune Into Love offers you an exciting new process for attracting the loving partner you seek. By using Vibrational Matching, you will attract exactly the right person at the right time in your life. Dr. McCraw, a psychotherapist who routinely helps singles find the relationships they desire describes Vibrational Matching as the deliberate intention to energize your desire by vibrating at a level equal to your desires. In other words, once you get the good vibes flowing, you can truly make your dreams a reality, sidestepping the self-imposed roadblocks.

Margaret McCraw’s first acclaimed book is a unique insight into the fences that we erect which stop us from fulfilling our own wishes.

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Overview & Preview

Table of Contents
Author’s Note
Foreword by Alan Cohen
Part One: Create through Consciousness
Chapter One: Attract through Vibration
Chapter Two: Vibrational Matching
Chapter Three: Awaken to a Higher Guidance
Part Two: Becoming a Vibrational Match for Your Desires
Chapter Four: Essentials for Attracting Love
Chapter Five: Frequency One—Relive “Feel-Good Moments”
Chapter Six: Frequency Two—Identify Your Desires
Chapter Seven: Frequency Three—Activate Your Intentions
Chapter Eight: Frequency Four—Release the Outcome
Part Three: Frequently Asked Questions


Our deepest and strongest desires are inspired by the part of us that resides in spirit and flows through us. This is known as our soul, or source energy. We came into this physical existence with deliberate intentions, which means that each of us has a destiny to fulfill while here. As we look for joy in our everyday experiences, we align with our destiny, the intent of our soul.
When we allow this pure vibration to flow through us, we can transcend the perceived limitations of the physical world. We can co-create—with source energy—unexpected, seemingly miraculous, and synchronistic events. We have access to the entire Universe because we are interconnected with everyone and everything. This is what Dr. Carl Jung referenced in his work regarding the collective unconscious and in his well known paper, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.” He defined synchronicity as “a meaningful coincidence of two or more events, where something other than the probability of chance is involved.”1 All synchronicities in our lives stem from our interconnectedness with one another. By accessing the collective consciousness of the Universe, we tap into a stream of resources to fulfill our desires. The collective consciousness is like an ocean of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions of every living thing in the Universe that can guide and inspire us.
On the other hand, when our mind tells us that our desires are not realistic, or, at best, difficult to attain, we set up barriers that prohibit us from manifesting things that are important to us. For example, if we are yearning for a romantic partner and we focus our attention on feeling lonely, we create a vibration that attracts more reasons to feel lonely. Whatever we give attention to—consciously or unconsciously—becomes a magnet for the circumstances in our lives.
This magnetic attraction is what we commonly refer to as romantic chemistry. As you read further, you will understand how vibrations are created and communicated to others. You will develop clarity about why you feel a magnetic attraction to some individuals and not to others. You will also learn how you can change your vibration to attract a different type of person, rather than let your past dictate your present circumstances.

3 Parts / 8 Chapters

153 Pages

Table of Contents