Books by Margaret McCraw

The Relationship Code

Engage and Empower People with Purpose and Passion

Brian Billick -

“Margaret blends behavioral principles with business logic and ageless wisdom.”

Elijah Cummings

“ A visionary leader with a commitment to excellence, Margaret McCraw is well suited to lead and serve our community.”

Bernie Siegel

“If you are ready to change your life, Margaret McCraw can guide you on the path to making your dreams your reality.”

Did you know that more than 54% of Americans fight with people close to them because of stress? That people with positive social relationships recover from illness faster? And that people who have a best friend at work are seven times more likely to be engaged in their job?

The Relationship Code teaches us to empower ourselves in all types of relationships with the new techniques and insights of the four-step Harmonic Matching Process integrates psychology with universal principles to help people achieve their goals.

The Relationship Code builds on principles used in Tune Into Love to help you apply them to your goals and career.

Tune Into Love

Attract Romance Through The Power Of Vibrational Matching

Tune Into Love offers you an exciting new process for attracting the loving partner you seek. By using Vibrational Matching, you will attract exactly the right person at the right time in your life. Dr. McCraw, a psychotherapist who routinely helps singles find the relationships they desire describes Vibrational Matching as the deliberate intention to energize your desire by vibrating at a level equal to your desires. In other words, once you get the good vibes flowing, you can truly make your dreams a reality, sidestepping the self-imposed roadblocks. This book details the four essentials steps for focusing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs:

  1. Create “feel good” moments
  2. Identify desires
  3. Activate your intentions
  4. Release the outcome

Using these steps can help you attract and keep the partner of your dreams.

Margaret McCraw’s first acclaimed book is a unique insight into the fences that we erect which stop us from fulfilling our own wishes.